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* Update French translationHEADmasterYuri Chornoivan2 hours3-72/+133
* update Slovenian translationsfilip2 hours4-17/+12
* Merge branch 'master' of git://git.mageia.org/web/wwwfilip2 hours0-0/+0
| * Update Hebrew translationYuri Chornoivan2 hours1-2/+2
| * Update Ukrainian translationYuri Chornoivan2 hours4-18/+14
| * rebuild for i18nManuel Hiebel2 hours202-11173/+11242
| * Add Mageia 8Manuel Hiebel2 hours4-3/+11
| * Update mirrors cacheManuel Hiebel2 hours4-410/+86
| * Mageia 8 availableManuel Hiebel2 hours7-111/+188
* | Update Hebrew translationYuri Chornoivan3 hours1-2/+2
* | Update Ukrainian translationYuri Chornoivan3 hours4-18/+14
* | rebuild for i18nManuel Hiebel3 hours202-11173/+11242
* | Add Mageia 8Manuel Hiebel3 hours4-3/+11
* | Update mirrors cacheManuel Hiebel3 hours4-410/+86
* | Mageia 7 availableManuel Hiebel3 hours7-111/+188
* Update Czech translationYuri Chornoivan28 hours3-31/+42
* Update Catalan translationYuri Chornoivan3 days3-59/+123
* Update screenshot from classical installManuel Hiebel3 days2-0/+0
* Update German translationYuri Chornoivan3 days1-25/+36
* Fix minor typoYuri Chornoivan5 days52-53/+53
* Update Ukrainian translationYuri Chornoivan5 days1-8/+7
* l10n sync for doc pagesfilip5 days50-2395/+2244
* Text improvements suggested by Antony B.filip5 days2-5/+5
* added sha3 verify methodfilip5 days1-1/+1
* Update Turkish translationYuri Chornoivan5 days2-88/+112
* Update German translationYuri Chornoivan5 days1-32/+85
* Update Turkish translationYuri Chornoivan6 days7-221/+526
* Update cache mirror (mga#28379)Manuel Hiebel6 days3-256/+263
* Update French translationYuri Chornoivan7 days2-36/+89
* Update Spanish translationYuri Chornoivan7 days2-34/+89
* Update Czech translationYuri Chornoivan7 days2-4/+4
* Update Czech translationYuri Chornoivan7 days2-35/+88
* Update cache mirror (mga#28372)Manuel Hiebel7 days3-86/+121
* Update German translationYuri Chornoivan8 days1-3/+3
* Update Lao translation from TxYuri Chornoivan8 days1-0/+620
* Update page-index from TxYuri Chornoivan8 days7-142/+117
* Update page-downloads-get from TxYuri Chornoivan8 days46-962/+2202
* Update page-cauldron from TxYuri Chornoivan8 days2-86/+203
* Update Brazilian Portuguese translationYuri Chornoivan8 days3-222/+440
* Update page-8 from TxYuri Chornoivan8 days39-6444/+7845
* Update Japanese translationYuri Chornoivan8 days8-114/+194
* Update Norwegian Bokmal translationYuri Chornoivan8 days1-117/+262
* Update Ukrainian translationYuri Chornoivan9 days2-3/+9
* Update Greek translationYuri Chornoivan9 days2-54/+134
* typo fix for sl l10nfilip9 days1-3/+3
* add new country and cities for DL page and refresh l10nfilip9 days52-3415/+3813
* improved RAM minimum limit with l10n refreshfilip9 days52-1954/+1686
* Update cache for mirrorsfilip9 days3-223/+111
* Update Catalan translationYuri Chornoivan9 days3-186/+429
* Update Japanese translationYuri Chornoivan9 days2-46/+46