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* iEnable mga6 -> mga7 upgradeHEADmasterManuel Hiebel2019-11-301-1/+2
* Merge branch 'master' of git:// Hiebel2019-05-260-0/+0
| * update api for mga5 to mga6 upgrade testManuel Hiebel2019-05-261-0/+1
* | update api for mga6 to mga7 upgrade testManuel Hiebel2019-05-261-0/+1
* final readdition for Mageia 5->6 upgrade notifyfilip2018-07-231-1/+2
* sorry, missunderstandingfilip2018-01-231-1/+0
* readd Mageia 6 upgrade notifyfilip2018-01-231-0/+1
* Remove Mageia 6 upgrade notify (bugs were reported)Manuel Hiebel2017-07-191-1/+0
* Fix wiki page for mga6Manuel Hiebel2017-07-161-1/+1
* Mageia 6 is available as upgradeManuel Hiebel2017-07-161-2/+3
* update api for mga5 to mga6 upgrade testManuel Hiebel2017-04-261-0/+1
* enable upgrade from mga4 to mga5 (mga#16150)Manuel Hiebel2015-06-202-1/+2
* update api for mga4 to mga5 upgrade testManuel Hiebel2015-02-161-3/+4
* Update api for mga3 EOLManuel Hiebel2014-11-291-2/+2
* fix EOL date..Manuel Hiebel2014-02-021-1/+1
* fix date :/Manuel Hiebel2014-02-021-1/+1
* updates api for online upgradeManuel Hiebel2014-02-021-0/+1
* updates api for mga3 to mga4 upgrade testManuel Hiebel2014-01-061-0/+1
* add back Mageia 3 upgrade (with a fixed release date) as requested by DavidWH...Manuel Hiebel2013-05-211-0/+1
* Remove Mageia 3 temporarilyNicolas Vigier2013-05-201-1/+0
* enable online upgrade (testing- is not used automaticcaly)Manuel Hiebel2013-05-201-0/+1
* Fix release datesColin Guthrie2013-05-191-2/+2
* Fix testing release date (for the sake of comparing files)Colin Guthrie2013-05-191-1/+1
* Fix EOL dates and testing URLsColin Guthrie2013-05-194-5/+5
* Add 'obsoleted_by=2' to Mageia 1.Colin Guthrie2013-05-192-2/+2
* Update testing EOL datesColin Guthrie2013-05-191-2/+2
* Update testing EOL datesColin Guthrie2013-05-191-2/+2
* Nuke MGA3 info from API 'a'. Requires updated mgaonline and API 'b'. (mga#9744)Colin Guthrie2013-04-261-1/+0
* Branch API to version 'b' to handle mga2->mga3 upgrades (mga#9744)Colin Guthrie2013-04-254-0/+13
* add mageia 3 to testingNicolas Vigier2013-03-181-1/+2
* testing CCBUG 5088Romain d'Alverny2012-06-131-0/+6
* update URL for infos about upgradeNicolas Vigier2012-05-231-1/+1
* remove obsoleted_by=2 for mageia 1Nicolas Vigier2012-05-231-1/+1
* fixed date for end of 1 lifetimeOliver Burger2012-05-231-1/+1
* add release 2Nicolas Vigier2012-05-231-2/+3
* update testing file for Mageia 2 pre-release tests; CCBUG 5135Romain d'Alverny2012-03-271-1/+2
* add testing for x86_64Romain d'Alverny2011-05-191-0/+1
* testing fileRomain d'Alverny2011-05-161-0/+4
* add 2010.x infoRomain d'Alverny2011-05-151-1/+4
* basic filesRomain d'Alverny2011-05-052-0/+2
* first importRomain d'Alverny2011-05-050-0/+0