BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterMaking the resizing handle widerPascal Terjan8 hours
distro/mga4Update Greek translationDimitrios Glentadakis3 months
topic/bug-13680make_boot_img: Avoid gfxboot install string for chain.c32Erwan Velu4 months
user/erwan/bug-13680make_boot_img: Avoid gfxboot install string for chain.c32Erwan Velu4 months
topic/efisync with codeThierry Vignaud15 months
distro/mga3Slovenian translation updatedfilip16 months
user/colin/rescue-systemdimages: Pass audit=0 to the rescue system.Colin Guthrie16 months
distro/mga2SVN_SILENT Ukrainian translation updateYuri Chornoivan22 months
distro/mga1Ukrainian translation updateYuri Chornoivan2 years
distro/mes5-2.6.33Revert as it breaks auto_instNicolas L├ęcureuil2 years
16.85commit e675d107ba...Thierry Vignaud5 days
16.84commit 320f213bb0...Thierry Vignaud6 days
16.82commit e89d110fac...Thierry Vignaud7 days
16.81commit 3e769eb634...Thierry Vignaud8 days
16.80commit 6ff988f638...Thierry Vignaud12 days
16.79commit a49bc1abdf...Thierry Vignaud14 days
16.77commit a2f529a25e...Thierry Vignaud2 weeks
16.76commit bf98500a40...Thierry Vignaud2 weeks
16.75commit a564df415a...Thierry Vignaud3 weeks
16.74commit d0434828e3...Thierry Vignaud3 weeks
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
8 hoursMaking the resizing handle widerHEADmasterPascal Terjan3-0/+14
8 hoursFix ugly separator between partitionsPascal Terjan1-6/+1
8 hours16.86Thomas Backlund3-1/+5
8 hourslist bootloader append fix in installer tooThomas Backlund1-0/+2
9 hours- bootloader:Thomas Backlund2-4/+5
17 hoursUpdate German translationYuri Chornoivan2-67/+175
30 hourshide empty space < 2MB, we have such holes due to alignment (mga#15733)Pascal Terjan4-2/+8
32 hoursSpeed up reading of flags from GPT partition table.Martin Whitaker4-30/+26
34 hoursupdate Dutch translationMarja van Waes1-3/+3
34 hoursSlovenian translation updatedfilip1-4/+4