BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterfix background theme image name (mga#19468)Thomas Backlund18 hours
distro/mga5sync modules_with_nonfree_firmware list with kernel-4.4.22-1.mga5Thomas Backlund3 days
user/animtim/designWorknew icons for harddrake categoriesTimothée Giet7 months
distro/mga4fix moving fonts (mga#16074)Thierry Vignaud16 months
topic/bug-13680make_boot_img: Avoid gfxboot install string for chain.c32Erwan Velu21 months
user/erwan/bug-13680make_boot_img: Avoid gfxboot install string for chain.c32Erwan Velu21 months
topic/efisync with codeThierry Vignaud3 years
distro/mga3Slovenian translation updatedfilip3 years
user/colin/rescue-systemdimages: Pass audit=0 to the rescue system.Colin Guthrie3 years
distro/mga2SVN_SILENT Ukrainian translation updateYuri Chornoivan3 years
17.57commit 0a3ab893f3...Thierry Vignaud7 days
17.56commit 46b1deff0d...Thierry Vignaud9 days
17.54commit 339014b579...Thierry Vignaud7 weeks
17.53commit 85211b557a...Thierry Vignaud8 weeks
17.52commit 4903312722...Thierry Vignaud2 months
17.51commit 9f984e5fed...Thierry Vignaud3 months
17.50commit c3c0028b54...Thierry Vignaud3 months
17.49commit 5ad3c71e58...Thierry Vignaud3 months
17.48commit 6fcf2c87d9...Thierry Vignaud3 months
17.47commit 99f8d638ec...Thierry Vignaud3 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
18 hoursfix background theme image name (mga#19468)HEADmasterThomas Backlund2-1/+2
2 daysUpdate Dutch translation from TxYuri Chornoivan1-24/+12
4 daysUpdate Slovak translation from TxYuri Chornoivan1-24/+9
4 daysUpdate Slovak translation from TxYuri Chornoivan1-75/+5
4 daysUpdate Slovak translation from TxYuri Chornoivan1-25/+7
4 daysUpdate Basque translation from TxYuri Chornoivan1-23/+9
7 daysperl_checker cleanupThierry Vignaud1-2/+0
7 daysremove broken support for pixbuf_fileThierry Vignaud1-8/+0
7 days17.5717.57Thierry Vignaud2-1/+3
7 daysuse new CSS syntax for font (mga#19430)Thierry Vignaud3-1/+27