BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterUpdated Catalan translationFrancesc Pinyol Margalef7 days
topic/bug-13680make_boot_img: Avoid gfxboot install string for chain.c32Erwan Velu6 weeks
user/erwan/bug-13680make_boot_img: Avoid gfxboot install string for chain.c32Erwan Velu6 weeks
distro/mga416.26.12Thierry Vignaud5 months
topic/efisync with codeThierry Vignaud13 months
distro/mga3Slovenian translation updatedfilip13 months
user/colin/rescue-systemdimages: Pass audit=0 to the rescue system.Colin Guthrie14 months
distro/mga2SVN_SILENT Ukrainian translation updateYuri Chornoivan20 months
distro/mga1Ukrainian translation updateYuri Chornoivan2 years
distro/mes5-2.6.33Revert as it breaks auto_instNicolas Lécureuil2 years
16.49commit 820f5ae08b...Marja van Waes4 weeks
16.48commit e8289b8962...Rémi Verschelde6 weeks
16.47commit 480479d5f7...Thierry Vignaud7 weeks
16.46commit a28b596634...Thierry Vignaud2 months
16.45commit b2b5e16eac...Thierry Vignaud3 months
16.44commit d978a9c47d...Thierry Vignaud3 months
16.43commit a600b20467...Pascal Terjan3 months
16.41commit 0ecc318a66...Thierry Vignaud3 months
16.42commit 0daf845819...Pascal Terjan3 months
16.38commit f15ee727e3...Thierry Vignaud3 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
7 daysUpdated Catalan translationHEADmasterFrancesc Pinyol Margalef1-3/+3
7 daysUpdated Catalan translationFrancesc Pinyol Margalef1-6/+6
8 daysSync Romanian translation with TXYuri Chornoivan3-1798/+546
9 daysSync Czech translation with TXYuri Chornoivan1-281/+127
9 daysSync Czech translation with TXYuri Chornoivan2-1467/+458
10 daysupdate Dutch translationMarja van Waes1-14/+14
13 daysimprove a Dutch string in some po filesMarja van Waes3-18/+19
14 daysUpdate Swedish translationYuri Chornoivan1-1135/+311
2015-01-10remove reiserfs from important list (mga#13295)Thomas Backlund1-1/+1
2015-01-10only grub2 supports UEFI for nowThierry Vignaud1-2/+2