BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterupdateThierry Vignaud30 hours
topic/switching_to_dnfperl-install/ Port 'urpme' call to 'dnf remove' callNeal Gompa8 weeks
distro/mga617.88.1Thierry Vignaud5 months
distro/mga5Fix the display of the clock in drakclock (mga#11776)Frédéric Buclin11 months
user/ennael/mga6- Add 60-block.rules in the installer (mga#20074)Nicolas Lécureuil12 months
user/martinw/mga6Always tell the kernel about partition table changes when running the classic...Martin Whitaker12 months
user/animtim/designWorknew icons for harddrake categoriesTimothée Giet24 months
distro/mga4fix moving fonts (mga#16074)Thierry Vignaud3 years
topic/bug-13680make_boot_img: Avoid gfxboot install string for chain.c32Erwan Velu3 years
user/erwan/bug-13680make_boot_img: Avoid gfxboot install string for chain.c32Erwan Velu3 years
17.95commit 1b51eeea86...Thierry Vignaud11 days
17.94commit d883e2ca31...Thierry Vignaud12 days
1.56commit 9d1b6921f1...Thomas Backlund5 weeks
17.93commit 56fa10d5e8...Thomas Backlund5 weeks
2.48commit 924850126c...Thomas Backlund5 weeks
2.26commit 89e7fb29be...Thomas Backlund5 weeks
17.92commit cf119d9961...Thomas Backlund7 weeks
17.91commit 0c315c0f6f...Thierry Vignaud5 months
17.88.1commit db3bcbdcd9...Thierry Vignaud5 months
17.90commit 0ac813def7...Thierry Vignaud5 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
30 hoursupdateHEADmasterThierry Vignaud1-1/+1
6 daysUpdate Norwegian (Bokmal) translation from TxYuri Chornoivan1-34/+34
6 daysUpdate Norwegian (Bokmal) translation from TxYuri Chornoivan1-22/+22
6 daysUpdate Norwegian (Bokmal) translation from TxYuri Chornoivan1-39/+39
11 days1.57Thierry Vignaud2-1/+3
11 daysadd more udev rules (syncing with regular stage2)Thierry Vignaud2-0/+5
11 daysfix logsThierry Vignaud2-2/+2
11 days17.9517.95Thierry Vignaud3-1/+5
11 days2.27Thierry Vignaud2-1/+2
11 days2.49Thierry Vignaud2-1/+3