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+# gettext catalog for 3 web page(s)
+# Copyright (C) 2014 - 2014 Mageia
+# This file is distributed under the same license as
+# the content of the corresponding web page(s).
+# Generated by extract2gettext.php
+# Domain: 3
+# include translation strings from:
+# en/3/download_index.php
+# en/3/for-pc/index.php
+# en/3/for-server/index.php
+# en/3/index.php
+# en/3/nav.php
+# Translators:
+msgid ""
+msgstr ""
+"Project-Id-Version: Mageia\n"
+"Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: mageia-i18n@mageia.org\n"
+"POT-Creation-Date: 2014-03-21 18:02:28+0000\n"
+"PO-Revision-Date: 2014-03-21 18:29+0000\n"
+"Last-Translator: Yuri Chornoivan <yurchor@ukr.net>\n"
+"Language-Team: Spanish (http://www.transifex.com/projects/p/mageia/language/es/)\n"
+"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
+"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
+"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
+"Language: es\n"
+"Plural-Forms: nplurals=2; plural=(n != 1);\n"
+#: "/web/en/3/download_index.php +14"
+msgid "Download Mageia 3"
+msgstr "Descargue Mageia 3"
+#: "/web/en/3/download_index.php +15"
+msgid "Download Mageia 3 DVD, CD, LiveCD, network install ISO images."
+msgstr "Descargue las imágenes ISO de Mageia 3 para DVD, CD, LiveCD, e instalación por red."
+#: "/web/en/3/download_index.php +16"
+msgid ""
+"mageia, mageia 3, linux, free, download, iso, torrent, vm, http, ftp, rsync,"
+" bittorrent"
+msgstr "mageia, mageia 3, linux, libre, descarga, iso, torrent, vm, http, ftp, rsync, bittorrent"
+#: "/web/en/3/download_index.php +25"
+msgid "Download <strong>Mageia 3</strong>"
+msgstr "Descargue <strong>Mageia 3</strong>"
+#: "/web/en/3/download_index.php +32"
+msgid "Classical Installation Flavours"
+msgstr "Sabores de instalación clásica"
+#: "/web/en/3/download_index.php +36"
+msgid "Format"
+msgstr "Formato"
+#: "/web/en/3/download_index.php +37"
+msgid "size"
+msgstr "tamaño"
+#: "/web/en/3/download_index.php +38"
+msgid "link"
+msgstr "enlace"
+#: "/web/en/3/download_index.php +46"
+msgid "32bit"
+msgstr "32bit"
+#: "/web/en/3/download_index.php +52"
+msgid "64bit"
+msgstr "64bit"
+#: "/web/en/3/download_index.php +58"
+msgid "dualarch"
+msgstr "dualarch"
+#: "/web/en/3/download_index.php +64"
+msgid "Notes:"
+msgstr "Notas:"
+#: "/web/en/3/download_index.php +66"
+msgid "Up to 167 locales are supported:"
+msgstr "Hasta 167 locales están soportados:"
+#: "/web/en/3/download_index.php +69"
+msgid "and so much more!"
+msgstr "¡y mucho más!"
+#: "/web/en/3/download_index.php +70"
+msgid "See the comprehensive list"
+msgstr "Vea la lista completa y detallada"
+#: "/web/en/3/download_index.php +72"
+msgid ""
+"These DVD and CD ISOs contains Free Software and some proprietary drivers."
+msgstr "Estas imágenes de DVD y Cd contienen software libre y controladores propietarios."
+#: "/web/en/3/download_index.php +73"
+msgid "You will be asked of which kind of Software you want to install."
+msgstr "Se le preguntará qué tipo de software quiere instalar."
+#: "/web/en/3/download_index.php +75"
+msgid "The CD contains only a minimal list of packages."
+msgstr "El CD contiene solo una lista minimal de paquetes."
+#: "/web/en/3/download_index.php +80"
+msgid "LiveCDs and LiveDVDs"
+msgstr "LiveCDs y LiveDVDs"
+#: "/web/en/3/download_index.php +81"
+msgid "Use LiveCDs and LiveDVDs for fresh new installs ONLY."
+msgstr "Utilice LiveCDs y LiveDVDs SOLO para instalaciones nuevas."
+#: "/web/en/3/download_index.php +82"
+msgid "DO NOT use these LiveCDs or LiveDVDs to upgrade from Mageia 2!"
+msgstr "¡NO utilice estos LiveCDs o LiveDVDs para actualizar desde Mageia 2!"
+#: "/web/en/3/download_index.php +83"
+msgid "Use above DVD or CD and see <a href=\"%s\" hreflang=\"en\">upgrade guide</a>."
+msgstr "Utilice el DVD o CD de arriva y vea la <a href=\"%s\" hreflang=\"en\">guía de actualización</a>."
+#: "/web/en/3/download_index.php +87"
+msgid "Desktop"
+msgstr "Escritorio"
+#: "/web/en/3/download_index.php +90"
+msgid "BitTorrent"
+msgstr "BitTorrent"
+#: "/web/en/3/download_index.php +95"
+msgid "LiveDVD KDE"
+msgstr "LiveDVD KDE"
+#: "/web/en/3/download_index.php +96"
+msgid "All languages"
+msgstr "Todos los idiomas"
+#: "/web/en/3/download_index.php +104"
+msgid "LiveDVD GNOME"
+msgstr "LiveDVD GNOME"
+#: "/web/en/3/download_index.php +112"
+msgid "LiveCD KDE"
+msgstr "LiveCD KDE"
+#: "/web/en/3/download_index.php +113"
+msgid "English only"
+msgstr "Solamente en Inglés"
+#: "/web/en/3/download_index.php +119"
+msgid "LiveCD GNOME"
+msgstr "LiveCD GNOME"
+#: "/web/en/3/download_index.php +132"
+msgid "Wired Network-based Installation CD"
+msgstr "CD de instalación basado en red de cable"
+#: "/web/en/3/download_index.php +133"
+msgid ""
+"Download quickly and immediately boot into install mode from <em>wired</em> "
+"network or a local disk."
+msgstr "Descárguela rápidamente y luego arranque en modo instalación desde una red <em>cableada</em> o un disco local."
+#: "/web/en/3/download_index.php +145"
+msgid "Network installer, Free Software CD"
+msgstr "Instalador de red, CD con software libre"
+#: "/web/en/3/download_index.php +151"
+msgid "Network installer + nonfree firmware CD"
+msgstr "Instalador de red + CD con firmware no libre"
+#: "/web/en/3/download_index.php +152"
+msgid "needed for some disc controllers, some network cards, etc."
+msgstr "nedesario para algunos controladores de discos, tarjetas de red, etc."
+#: "/web/en/3/download_index.php +166"
+msgid "May 19<sup>th</sup> 2013"
+msgstr "Mayo 19<sup>th</sup> de 2013"
+#: "/web/en/3/download_index.php +168"
+msgid "<a href=\"%s\">Release notes</a>"
+msgstr "<a href=\"%s\">Nota de la versión</a>"
+#: "/web/en/3/download_index.php +169"
+msgid "<a href=\"%s\">Errata</a>"
+msgstr "<a href=\"%s\">Errata</a>"
+#: "/web/en/3/download_index.php +170"
+msgid "<a href=\"%s\">Which to choose</a>"
+msgstr "<a href=\"%s\">Cuál elegir</a>"
+#: "/web/en/3/download_index.php +171"
+msgid "<a href=\"%s\">Get ISO on USB flash stick</a>"
+msgstr "<a href=\"%s\">Obtener ISO en memoria USB</a>"
+#: "/web/en/3/download_index.php +172"
+msgid "Newcomer? <a href=\"%s\">Here's a wiki page for you.</a>"
+msgstr "¿Nuevo usuario? <a href=\"%s\">Aquí hay una página wiki para usted.</a>"
+#: "/web/en/3/download_index.php +176"
+msgid "Upgrading<br>from Mageia 2?"
+msgstr "¿Actualizando<br>desde Mageia 2?"
+#: "/web/en/3/download_index.php +178"
+msgid "<strong>do not</strong> use LiveCDs;"
+msgstr "<strong>no</strong> utilice LiveCDs;"
+#: "/web/en/3/download_index.php +179"
+msgid "see the <a href=\"%s\" hreflang=\"en\">upgrade guide</a>"
+msgstr "vea la <a href=\"%s\" hreflang=\"en\">guía de actualización</a>"
+#: "/web/en/3/download_index.php +184"
+msgid "Looking for Mageia 2?"
+msgstr "¿Busca Mageia 2?"
+#: "/web/en/3/download_index.php +186"
+msgid "It is <a href=\"%s\">here now</a>."
+msgstr "Ahora está <a href=\"%s\">aquí</a>."
+#: "/web/en/3/download_index.php +187"
+msgid ""
+"But please remember that it already <a "
+"href=\"https://blog.mageia.org/en/2013/11/21/farewell-mageia-2/\">reached "
+msgstr "Pero por favor, recuerde que ya <a href=\"http://blog.mageia.org/es/2013/11/23/hasta-siempre-mageia-2/\">alcanzó el fin de soporte</a>."
+#: "/web/en/3/download_index.php +192"
+msgid "Looking for Mageia 1?"
+msgstr "¿Busca Mageia 1?"
+#: "/web/en/3/download_index.php +195"
+msgid ""
+"But please remember that it already <a "
+"href=\"https://blog.mageia.org/en/2012/12/02/mageia-1-eol/\">reached "
+msgstr "Pero por favor recuerde que ya <a href=\"https://blog.mageia.org/en/2012/12/02/mageia-1-eol/\">alcanzó EOL</a>."
+#: "/web/en/3/download_index.php +201"
+msgid "Need more challenge?"
+msgstr "¿Necesita mas desafíos?"
+#: "/web/en/3/download_index.php +202"
+msgid "You can <a href=\"%s\">help</a> us <a href=\"%s\">on Mageia 4</a>."
+msgstr "Usted puede <a href=\"%s\">ayudarnos</a> <a href=\"%s\">con Mageia 4</a>."
+#: "/web/en/3/for-pc/index.php +12"
+msgid "Mageia 3, for your PC"
+msgstr "Mageia 3, para su PC"
+#: "/web/en/3/for-pc/index.php +22"
+msgid "for your PC"
+msgstr "para su PC"
+#: "/web/en/3/for-pc/index.php +27"
+msgid "Plenty"
+msgstr "Suficiente"
+#: "/web/en/3/for-pc/index.php +28"
+msgid ""
+"There are more than 21&nbsp;700&nbsp;packages in our repositories. And "
+"that's just for the 64-bit branch."
+msgstr "Hay mas de 21&nbsp;700&nbsp;paquetes en nuestros repoitorios. Y eso es sólo para la rama 64-bit."
+#: "/web/en/3/for-pc/index.php +29"
+msgid ""
+"The total number is double that &ndash; and then if you consider the "
+"backports, and the packages in the Cauldron still testing... you'll see that"
+" Mageia users are spoiled for choice."
+msgstr "El número total es el doble de &ndash; y luego si considera los backports y los paquetes de Cauldron aún en pruebas, verá que los usuarios de Mageia están malcriados intencionalmente."
+#: "/web/en/3/for-pc/index.php +30"
+msgid ""
+"Here's a cross-section, first of the working graphical environments, and "
+"then of the core applications you could be using on your desktop:"
+msgstr "Aquí hay una revisión de varias cosas, primero de los ambientes gráficos de trabajo, y luego de las aplicaciones base que puede utilizar en su escritorio:"
+#: "/web/en/3/for-pc/index.php +31"
+msgid "Environments"
+msgstr "Ambientes"
+#: "/web/en/3/for-pc/index.php +32"
+msgid "Mageia 3 has all the major desktop environments:"
+msgstr "Mageia 3 tiene todos los escritorios mas importantes:"
+#: "/web/en/3/for-pc/index.php +43"
+msgid ""
+"And then there are the window managers, including Openbox, WindowMaker, "
+"IceWM, Fluxbox, Fvwm2 and Awesome."
+msgstr "Y luego están los administradores de ventanas, incluyendo Openbox, WindowMaker, IceWM, Fluxbox, Fvwm2 y Awesome."
+#: "/web/en/3/for-pc/index.php +44"
+msgid "Applications &rarr;"
+msgstr "Aplicaciones &rarr;"
+#: "/web/en/3/for-pc/index.php +45"
+msgid ""
+"There are many, many to choose from &ndash; including all the most popular."
+msgstr "Hay muchos, muchos para elegir, incluyendo los más populares."
+#: "/web/en/3/for-pc/index.php +51"
+msgid "Web"
+msgstr "Web"
+#: "/web/en/3/for-pc/index.php +52"
+msgid ""
+"Choose your web browser from Firefox ESR 17.0.6, Chromium-browser "
+"26.0.1410.65, Epiphany 3.6.1 or Opera 12.15 &ndash; or one of the many "
+"others such as Lynx or Konqueror; then pick an email client from KMail "
+"4.10.2, Thunderbird ESR 17.0.6, Evolution 3.6.3 or maybe Claws-Mail or Mutt."
+msgstr "Elija su navegador web entre Firefox ESR 17.0.6, Chromium-browser 26.0.1410.65, Epiphany 3.6.1 u Opera 12.15, o muchos otro tales como Lynx o Konqueror; luego elija un cliente de correo electrónico entre KMail 4.10.2, Thunderbird ESR 17.0.6, Evolution 3.6.3 o tal vez Claws-Mail o Mutt."
+#: "/web/en/3/for-pc/index.php +57"
+msgid "Messaging"
+msgstr "Mensajería"
+#: "/web/en/3/for-pc/index.php +58"
+msgid ""
+"Choose from Kopete, Pidgin, Empathy or Kadu for instant messaging; use "
+"Quassel, Konversation, XChat-Gnome or KVIrc for IRC chat; try QuteCom or "
+"Ekiga (or even Skype) for VOIP."
+msgstr "Elija entre Kopete, Pidgin, Empathy o Kadu para mensajería instantánea; use Quassel, Konversation, XChat-Gnome o KVIrc para IRC chat; pruebe QuteCom o Ekiga, o incluso Skype para VOIP."
+#: "/web/en/3/for-pc/index.php +63"
+msgid "Office"
+msgstr "Oficina"
+#: "/web/en/3/for-pc/index.php +64"
+msgid ""
+"The two full-featured office suites LibreOffice and Calligra are there, as "
+"well as AbiWord, and a host of text editors including Kate; for finance "
+"there's KMyMoney, Skrooge or the professional-level GnuCash."
+msgstr "Las fos suites de oficina LibreOffice y Calligra están ahí, también como AbiWord, y muchos editores de texto incluyendo Kate; para finanzas está KMyMoney, Skrooge o uno a nivel profesional como GnuCash."
+#: "/web/en/3/for-pc/index.php +69"
+msgid "Image"
+msgstr "Imágenes"
+#: "/web/en/3/for-pc/index.php +70"
+msgid ""
+"Use GIMP for powerful image manipulation, or Inkscape for vector drawing; "
+"Blender is there for serious animation. DigiKam or Showfoto will take care "
+"of your photos, talk to your camera and give you more basic image editing."
+msgstr "Use GIMP para una poderosa manipulación de imágenes , o Inkscape para dibujo vectorial; Blender está ahí para animación seria. Digikam o Showfoto se encargará de sus fotografías, conversará con su cámara y le dará edición básica de imágenes."
+#: "/web/en/3/for-pc/index.php +75"
+msgid "Sound"
+msgstr "Sonido"
+#: "/web/en/3/for-pc/index.php +76"
+msgid ""
+"For playing audio files, choose from Amarok 2.7.0 and Rhythmbox, among "
+"others; use VLC, Totem or MPlayer for video and for audio, or use the XBMC "
+"Media Center as your home entertainment system. Some packages can be found "
+"in both the Core and Tainted repositories: the packages in the Core "
+"repository support only non-patent-encumbered codecs and the packages in the"
+" Tainted repository support all codecs, for users who live in countries "
+"where those codecs don't infringe local laws."
+msgstr "Para reproducir archivos de sonido, elija entre Amarok 2.7.0 y Rhythmbox, entre otros; utilice VLC, Totem o MPlayer para video y audio, o use XBMC Media Center com osu sistema de entretención hogareño. Algunos paquetes se pueden encontrar en los repositorios Core y Tainted: los paquetes en el repositorio Core soportan sólo codificadores no sujetos a patentes, y los paquetes del repositorio Tainted soportan todos los codificadores, para usuarios que viven en países en donde esos codificadores no infringen leyes locales."
+#: "/web/en/3/for-pc/index.php +81"
+msgid "Video"
+msgstr "Video"
+#: "/web/en/3/for-pc/index.php +82"
+msgid ""
+"For editing video files, try Avidemux or OpenShot; for subtitles, there's "
+"Gaupol or Subtitles Composer; use MythTV, Miro, tvtime, FreetuxTV or Me TV "
+"for watching or recording TV programmes."
+msgstr "Para editar archivos de video, pruebe Avidemux u OpenShot; para subtítulos, están Gaupol o Subtitles Composer; use MythTV, Miro, tvtime, FreetuxTV o Me TV para ver y grabar programas de TV."
+#: "/web/en/3/for-pc/index.php +87"
+msgid "Plus"
+msgstr "Además"
+#: "/web/en/3/for-pc/index.php +88"
+msgid ""
+"Then there's ZoneMinder, for CCTV Security; VirtualBox or WINE for "
+"virtualisation; and a range of development environments such as Anjuta, "
+"Eclipse, Netbeans or KDevelop."
+msgstr "Luego estan ZoneMinder, para seguridad CCTV; VirtualBox o WINE para virtualización; y un rango de ambientes de desarrollo tales como Anjuta, Eclipse, Netbeans o KDevelop."
+#: "/web/en/3/for-pc/index.php +93"
+msgid ""
+"For more information about these and other packages, check the <a "
+"href=\"%s\">Mageia 3 Release notes</a>."
+msgstr "Para mas información acerca de éstos y otro paquetes, vea las <a href=\"%s\">Notas de la versión de Mageia 3</a>."
+#: "/web/en/3/for-pc/index.php +94"
+msgid ""
+"You can take a look at the <a href=\"%s\">Mageia Application Database</a> to"
+" get a more complete list of Mageia packages."
+msgstr "Puede dar un vistazo a la <a href=\"%s\">Base de datos de aplicaciones de Mageia</a> para obtener una lista completa de paquetes de Mageia."
+#: "/web/en/3/for-server/index.php +12"
+msgid "Mageia 3, for your server"
+msgstr "Mageia 3, para su servidor"
+#: "/web/en/3/for-server/index.php +22"
+msgid "for your server"
+msgstr "para su servidor"
+#: "/web/en/3/for-server/index.php +27"
+msgid ""
+"Mageia 3 has all the main services and server packages you will need to run "
+"your server."
+msgstr "Mageia 3 tiene todos los paquetes de servidor y servicios que necesitará en su servidor."
+#: "/web/en/3/for-server/index.php +28"
+msgid ""
+"Aside from the cross-section included here, you will find many others in the"
+" repositories: you can use rpmdrake to search for packages, or check the <a "
+"href=\"%s\">Mageia App DB</a>."
+msgstr "Además de los diversos paquetes descritos aquí, usted encontrará muchos otro en los repositorios: puede usar rpmdrake para buscar paquetes, o revisar la <a href=\"%s\">Mageia App DB</a>."
+#: "/web/en/3/for-server/index.php +30"
+msgid "Administration"
+msgstr "Administración"
+#: "/web/en/3/for-server/index.php +31"
+msgid ""
+"For centralised administration, we include puppet 2.7.21; we use it widely "
+"in <a href=\"%s\">our own infrastructure</a>."
+msgstr "Para administración centralizada, incluimos puppet 2.7.21; lo utilizamos ampliamente en <a href=\"%s\">nuestra propia infraestructura</a>."
+#: "/web/en/3/for-server/index.php +33"
+msgid ""
+"The entire High Availability stack has been updated, and now includes drbd "
+"8.4.2, Corosync 2.3.0 and Pacemaker 1.1.8."
+msgstr "Se ha actualizado la pila completa de Alta Disponibilidad, y ahora incluy]e drbd 8.4.2, Corosync 2.3.0 y Pacemaker 1.1.8."
+#: "/web/en/3/for-server/index.php +35"
+msgid "Databases"
+msgstr "Bases de datos"
+#: "/web/en/3/for-server/index.php +36"
+msgid ""
+"Databases included are PostgreSQL 8.4.17; MariaDB 5.5.28, which replaces "
+"MySQL; BDB."
+msgstr "Las bases de datos incluidas son PostgreSQL 8.4.17; MariaDB 5.5.28, que reemplaza MySQL; BDB."
+#: "/web/en/3/for-server/index.php +37"
+msgid ""
+"And there are NoSQL servers too: CouchDB 1.2.1, Redis 2.6.5, MongoDB 2.2.2."
+msgstr "Y también hay servidores NoSQL: CouchDB 1.2.1, Redis 2.6.5, MongoDB 2.2.2."
+#: "/web/en/3/for-server/index.php +39"
+msgid "Servers"
+msgstr "Servidores"
+#: "/web/en/3/for-server/index.php +40"
+msgid ""
+"Web servers include Apache 2.4.4, Cherokee 1.2.101 and lighttpd 1.4.32."
+msgstr "Los servidores web incluyen Apache 2.4.4, Cherokee 1.2.101 y lighttpd 1.4.32."
+#: "/web/en/3/for-server/index.php +41"
+msgid ""
+"For file and directory sharing and network printing on heterogeneous "
+"networks, we have Samba 3.6.15, OpenLDAP 2.4.33 and Cups 1.5.4."
+msgstr "Para compartición de archivos y directorios e impresión en redes heterogéneas, tenemos Samba 3.6.15, OpenLDAP 2.4.33 y Cups 1.5.4."
+#: "/web/en/3/for-server/index.php +42"
+msgid ""
+"Mail servers included with Mageia 3 are Postfix 2.9.6, Cyrus-imapd 2.4.17 "
+"and Dovecot 2.1.15."
+msgstr "Los servidores re correo incluidos con Mageia 3 son Postfix 2.9.6, Cyrus-imapd 2.4.17 y Dovecot 2.1.15."
+#: "/web/en/3/for-server/index.php +48"
+msgid ""
+"For more information about these and other packages, check the <a "
+"href=\"https://wiki.mageia.org/en/Mageia_3_Release_Notes\">Mageia 3 Release "
+msgstr "Para mas información acerca de éstos y otros paquetes, vea las <a href=\"https://wiki.mageia.org/en/Mageia_3_Release_Notes\">Notas de versión de Mageia 3</a>."
+#: "/web/en/3/index.php +12"
+msgid "Mageia 3"
+msgstr "Mageia 3"
+#: "/web/en/3/index.php +14"
+msgid ""
+"Mageia 3 is the new, solid, stable Linux distribution from the Mageia "
+msgstr "Mageia 3 is la nueva, sólida, estable distribución de Linux del proyecto Mageia."
+#: "/web/en/3/index.php +29"
+msgid ""
+"Mageia 3 is a GNU/Linux distribution for your computer, released by the <a "
+"href=\"%s\">Mageia community</a>."
+msgstr "Mageia 3 es una distribución GNU/Linux para su computador, lanzada por la <a href=\"%s\">comunidad de Mageia</a>."
+#: "/web/en/3/index.php +31"
+msgid "What's new?"
+msgstr "¿Qué hay de nuevo?"
+#: "/web/en/3/index.php +32"
+msgid ""
+"Too much to include here! See the <a "
+"href=\"https://wiki.mageia.org/en/Mageia_3_Release_Notes\">release notes</a>"
+" for an extensive exposé."
+msgstr "¡Demasiado para incluir aquí! Vea las <a href=\"https://wiki.mageia.org/en/Mageia_3_Release_Notes\">notas de la versión</a> para una exposición extendida."
+#: "/web/en/3/index.php +34"
+msgid "Download it right away!"
+msgstr "¡Descárguela de inmediato!"
+#: "/web/en/3/index.php +36"
+msgid "Mageia in context"
+msgstr "Mageia en contexto"
+#: "/web/en/3/index.php +37"
+msgid ""
+"Mageia is both a Community and a Linux Distribution, with Mageia 3 being our"
+" third release."
+msgstr "Mageia es tanto una comunidad como una distribución de Linux, siendo Mageia 3 nuestro tercer lanzamiento."
+#: "/web/en/3/index.php +38"
+msgid ""
+"Since the release of <a href=\"../1/\">Mageia 1</a>, our offering has been "
+"consistently in the <a href=\"%s\">top 10 of Distrowatch's most popular "
+msgstr "Desde el lanzamiento de <a href=\"../1/\">Mageia 1</a>, nuestra oferta ha estado consistentemente en los <a href=\"%s\">top 10 de las distribuciones más populares de Distrowatch</a>."
+#: "/web/en/3/index.php +40"
+msgid ""
+"Mageia 3 is supported by the <a href=\"../about/\">Mageia.org nonprofit "
+"organisation</a>, which is governed by a body of recognized and elected "
+msgstr "Mageia 3 es soportada por la <a href=\"../about/\">organización sin fines de lucro Mageia.org</a>, la que es gobernada por un cuerpo de contribuidores reconocidos y elegidos."
+#: "/web/en/3/index.php +41"
+msgid ""
+"Mageia 3 has been made by more than 100 people from all around the world."
+msgstr "Mageia 3 es hecha por mas de 100 personas alrededor del mundo."
+#: "/web/en/3/index.php +43"
+msgid ""
+"Our work adds to the excellent work of the wider Linux and Free Software "
+"community. We aim to bring one of the best, most stable, reliable and "
+"enjoyable experience and platform we can make; for regular users, developers"
+" and businesses."
+msgstr "Nuestro trabajo se agrega al excelente trabajo de la mas amplia comunidad Linux y software Libre. Aspiramos a traer una de las mejores, mas estable, confiable y disfrutable experiencia y plataforma que podamos hacer; para usuarios regulares, desarrolladores y negocios."
+#: "/web/en/3/index.php +44"
+msgid ""
+"We welcome new contributors to any of the many different teams that go to "
+"make up Mageia the Community, and we encourage you to join us."
+msgstr "Recibimos con agrado a nuevos contribuidores a cualquiera de los diferentes equipos que conforman la comunidad de Mageia, y le animamos a unírsenos."
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+msgid "Mageia&nbsp;3"
+msgstr "Mageia&nbsp;3"
+#: "/web/en/3/nav.php +5"
+msgid "Download"
+msgstr "Descarga"
+#: "/web/en/3/nav.php +6"
+msgid "For PC"
+msgstr "Para PC"
+#: "/web/en/3/nav.php +7"
+msgid "For server"
+msgstr "Para servidor"