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* Use prefix for the new directory added for cauldron iso, adapt to sha3 checks...HEADmasterManuel Hiebel6 days2-9/+10
* small fixes in docfilip2019-06-011-1/+6
* small fixes to avoid warningsfilip2019-06-011-4/+8
* generated automatically magnet with one trackerManuel Hiebel2018-12-072-13/+253
* update to get gpg and sha512Manuel Hiebel2016-07-012-4/+14
* Fix wrong path for cauldron torrentsManuel Hiebel2014-07-102-3/+3
* -Fix regex for comming 4.1 releaseManuel Hiebel2014-06-152-8/+11
* cleanupRomain d'Alverny2012-05-221-1/+1
* add library and var dirRomain d'Alverny2012-05-1434-0/+5790
* Create repo for fiddRomain d'Alverny2012-05-144-0/+90