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@@ -43,7 +43,7 @@ $dictionary = read_translation_file($locale, array('about', 'common_footer'));
<ul class="hl"><?php
_g('<a href="2010-sept-announcement.html">started in September 2010 as a fork</a> of Mandriva Linux,',null,'li');
echo '<li>',
- _r('gathered <a href="../community/">hundreds of careful individuals and several companies worldwide</a>,'),
+ _r('gathered <a href="../community/">hundreds of careful individuals and several companies worldwide</a>,', ' '),
_r('who coproduce the infrastructure, the distribution itself, <a href="https://wiki.mageia.org/">documentation</a>, <a href="../downloads/">delivery</a> and <a href="../support/">support</a>, using Free Software tools;');
echo '</li>';
_g('released seven major stable releases <a href="../1/">in June 2011</a>, <a href="../2/">in May 2012</a>, <a href="../3/">in May 2013</a>, <a href="../4/">in February 2014</a>, <a href="../5/">in June 2015</a>, <a href="../6/">in July 2017</a> and <a href="../7/">in June 2019</a>',null,'li');