mga-treasurer is a script that is used to generate a website showing
informations about latest donations received and expenses for Mageia.Org

Configuration file

The default configuration is stored in the file config_default installed
as /usr/share/mga-treasurer/config. Default configuration values can be
overrided using file /etc/mga-treasurer.conf.

Sources tree

The following files and directories exist in the source tree :
 - mktreasurer: main program, installed in /usr/bin. When run generate
   all the pages.
 - tmpl/: directory containing template for all the pages. Installed as
 - static/: directory containing static files. Installed as
   /usr/share/mga-treasurer/static. The web server should be configured to
   make the files from this directory available at some URL. With apache
   you can use something like this in your vhost configuration :
      Alias /static /usr/share/mga-treasurer/static
   The URL where it is available should be set in the configuration in the
   staticdir_url variable.
 - config_default: default configuration file, installed as
 - mga-treasurer.conf: example configuration file, installed as


For testing, you can set the environement variable MGATRES_CONF to the
path of a default configuration file that will be used instead of

JSON files and http headers

So that the json files can be used from pages on other domains with
XMLHttpRequest, the http header Access-Control-Allow-Origin needs to be
set. See this page for details :

To add the header for .json files, you can use something like this in
apache configuration, inside the VirtualHost definition :

        <FilesMatch "\.json$">
                Header set Access-Control-Allow-Origin "*"