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* new theme for mga6user/animtim/designWorkTimothée Giet2016-02-247-0/+0
* New default background set based on current market monitor resolutionsRémi Verschelde2015-03-055-0/+0
* Add Mageia 5 artwork for background, gfxboot, plymouth (WIP)Rémi Verschelde2014-12-137-0/+0
* Stewart2014-01-126-0/+0
* Add artwork for MGA4Donald Stewart2014-01-057-0/+0
* Fixing the background for mga3, based on the designers xcf file. Approximatel...Rémi Verschelde2013-04-166-0/+0
* Use Mageia logo on the left side of the backgrounds (see Atelier discussions)Anne Nicolas2013-04-026-0/+0
* Design for Mageia 3 Anne Nicolas2013-03-246-0/+0
* use proper name for background filesAnne Nicolas2012-05-316-0/+0
* add backgrounds and plymouth from orignal image authorDonald2012-05-3112-0/+0
* fix Mageia logo in backgroundsAnne Nicolas2011-05-266-0/+0
* Add back 1024x768 resolutionDonald2011-05-191-0/+0
* readd backgroundsAnne Nicolas2011-05-166-0/+0
* remove hour based backgrounds as current design is not adaptedAnne Nicolas2011-05-1525-159/+0
* Update backgrounds to final (finally)Donald2011-05-0924-0/+0
* - providional background for finalDonald2011-05-0224-0/+0
* add brightness gradients to wallpapers for time of day transitions.Donald2011-04-2621-5/+17
* Fix .xml: 'Default' instead of 'default'Damien Lallement2011-04-191-60/+60
* update backgrounds for beta1Donald2011-03-3020-0/+0
* change all paths from mdk to mgaThomas Backlund2011-02-131-72/+72
* More fixes for themeDexter Morgan2011-02-071-0/+0
* rename default to DefaultDexter Morgan2011-02-0721-0/+147