BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
distro/ task-xfce4 is now task-xfce.Martin Whitaker3 weeks
user/martinw/use-grub2task-xfce4 is now task-xfce.Martin Whitaker3 weeks
masterdont use early microcode loading in live mode (mga#21553)Thomas Backlund5 weeks
distro/mga6Update version to 6 (final).Martin Whitaker12 months
distro/ customise for 5.1 buildsMartin Whitaker22 months
distro/mga5uclibc was killedThierry Vignaud3 years
distro/mga4.1Mga 4.1 configsThomas Backlund4 years
distro/mga4Mga 4 final configsThomas Backlund4 years
distro/mga3add one missed file for mga3 final configThomas Backlund5 years
distro/mga2new branch for mga2Thomas Backlund6 years
distro/mga1do not install flash-player-plugin since we don't have a distribution licenseOlivier Blin7 years