This the Bootsplash package for Mageia.

The images are stored in initrd and loaded by the kernel at the initrd

You can configure some stuff via /etc/sysconfig/bootsplash
the option are :

# Specify here if you want add the splash logo to initrd when
# generating an initrd. You can specify :
# SPLASH=no to don't have a splash screen
# SPLASH=auto to make autodetect the splash screen
# SPLASH=INT When Integer could be 800x600 1024x768 1280x1024

# Choose the themes. The should be based in 
# /usr/share/bootsplash/themes/

# Say yes here if you want to leave the logo on the console.
# Three options :
# LOGO_CONSOLE=no don't display logo under console.
# LOGO_CONSOLE=yes display logo under console.
# LOGO_CONSOLE=theme leave the theme to decide.

The config how the text are aligned is in the cfg files of the theme.

You can switch theme by using the command :

/usr/share/bootsplash/scripts/switch-themes THEME_NAME

To create a theme simply copy one default theme change the .jpg of
images/ directory adjust the .cfg files and generate a lilo image with
the bmp2mdk script of the lilo package (ask: fpons@mandrakesoft.com)
for more information about this).

Some stuff here has been inspired from what SuSe does (kudos to Suse).

LILO boot images

Lilo boot image are generated with the bmp2mdk script that can be found
in lilo package.

The command to generate the message file looks like:

./bmp2mdk mode:0x101 timer:63+280,80+358,64+83,64+119 entry:63+144,80+70,64+84,64+119,9,42 clear:480,640,64+119 pos:63,80 progress:0x15e,0x97,0xa,0xe < installboot82-eus.bmp > boot.msg


./bmp2mdk mode:0x101 clear:480,640,64+119 pos:63,80 progress:0x15e,0x97,0x0a,0x0e,64+59 < installboot82-eus.bmp > boot.msg

the +119 value must be adapted to the given color palette for the picture used.

Chmouel Boudjnah <chmouel@mandrakesoft.com> - Warly <warly@mandrakesoft.com>