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* Add missing package check, thanks barjacHEADmasterClaire Robinson2016-03-121-0/+11
* Bump release to 2.9Claire Robinson2016-03-121-1/+1
* Add sha512sum checks and reportingClaire Robinson2016-03-121-3/+45
* Bump release v2.81MrsB2015-02-011-1/+1
* Use sorted iso lists with classic isos above live isosMrsB2015-01-301-2/+4
* Add ToDo list to READMEMrsB2014-08-281-0/+8
* Add more detail to readmemrsb2014-08-271-1/+2
* Initial commit to githubClaire Robinson2014-08-271-0/+446
* Update README.mdmrsb2014-08-271-0/+4
* Initial commitmrsb2014-08-202-0/+341